In a collaborative session, all the participants use the same file & the interactions with the scene are shared between all the users. But, for security & privacy concerns, only metadata, 3D positional matrices and coordinates are shared and not a single piece of raw data. Here is the list of what's shared and not shared.

Shared between all participants

  • Cutting plane
  • Explosion
  • Movements of occurrences
  • Occurrence's visibility
  • Override materials
  • Switch of Variants (The view's position isn't forced to all users but all other Variants attributes are applied to the scene)
  • (VR) The laser pointing
  • The measurements 

NOT shared between all participants 

  • Change of materials
  • The selection outline on desktop
  • The isolate feature
  • Transparency
  • Switch of Environment map
  • Variants Creation
  • Primitive Creation
  • Anything you will add in the scene that wasn't part of the initial file

This list is going to evolve and we'll see more & more elements shared while in collaboration with time.