Pixyz Scenario Processor requires a paying license to run.

Pricing model

Standalone packages (Windows, Debian and Docker Debian image) require a Yearly subscription.

CONTACT US                Please contact Pixyz/Unity if you wish to purchase licenses, or if you have any specific demand regarding licensing

Licensing model

Pixyz Scenario Processor is based on a floating license key protection mechanism and requires a FlexLM license server, which can be provided by Pixyz.

Each Pixyz Scenario Processor instance will need to connect to a FlexLM server while running. FlexLM license server can add as many yearly subscriptions you need.

FlexLM License server setup

Check the following links to configure the FlexLM license server:

Trial license

For trial purposes, it is also possible to install a node-locked trial license coming from your Pixyz account, but for Windows package only.

Find the procedure here.

About Pixyz Scenario Processor for Amazon Web Services

Unity has sunset Pixyz Scenario Processor for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is no longer available to new customers. If you are an existing user and already have a Pixyz on AWS entitlement, you can continue to use Scenario Processor from your AWS tenant. Existing scenarios and plugins that you have published from Pixyz Studio 2022.1 remain compatible with the existing instances of Scenario Processor for AWS.

If you are interested in a cloud-based transformation solution, a consumption-based solution, or a pay-as-you-go solution, contact our Client Partner team for information about Unity Cloud Platform and its services.

The sunsetting of Pixyz Scenario processor on AWS doesn't affect the on-premises packages and the offering of Pixyz Scenario Processor. To purchase these products, contact the Unity Client Partner team.