Welcome to Pixyz Studio 2022.1 online documentation!

The aim of this documentation is to explain Pixyz Studio features and functionalities, and demonstrate its ease of use and power.

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With Pixyz Studio, create optimized 3D assets with perfectly tessellated meshes from almost any CAD model, ready to be exported to any 3D staging tool like Unity, 3DS Max, Maya, Unreal Engine...

Pixyz Studio is the perfect tool for bringing complex data from the CAD-engineering world to the visualization world, allowing effortless integration for creating new and powerful visualization experiences.

Pixyz Studio helps companies leverage their 3D/CAD data, preparing it for Real-time 3D use, and for any visualization scenario.

The documentation is divided in several topics :

This documentation also contains information about Pixyz Scenario Processor, which is basically an headless version of Pixyz Studio meant for automation purposes.