The CAD Menu contains the most commonly used CAD data optimization algorithms:

Menu option


Keyboard Shortcut

Repair CAD

Automatically repairs native CAD / BRep geometries: CAD faces assembly and optimization, CAD faces automatic orientation, ...

Explode Bodies

Explode selected Parts by bodies

Convert Selection Back To BRep

Converts a selection of Parts back to its CAD / BRep representation

Delete BRep Information

Deletes all CAD / BRep information on selected Parts

Tessellate 🌟

For the selected Parts, generates an optimal mesh representation out of their CAD / BRep surfaces

See: About Tessellation

NOTE                Pixyz tessellation algorithm has proven to be the most efficient and performant algorithm available in CAD data preparation software! Check this out: Tata Elxsi compares Pixyz Studio and Unreal Datasmith.


Tessellates again the selected Parts with the defined parameters.

Models that contain BRep surfaces (CAD models) can be re-tessellated directly in the scene without having to import the model all over again. Re-Tessellate allows to fine-tune tessellation quality of entire models or individual parts in the scene.

See: Re-Tessellate