The Create Menu contains the actions adding new objects into the scene:

Menu option


Keyboard Shortcut

Create Empty Occurrence

Creates one empty occurrence with the name and position defined in the dialog box parameter

NOTE                This functionality works for only one selected occurrence. If multiple occurrences are selected prior to executing the functionality, only one empty occurrence will be created, child to the first occurrence found in the current selection

Create Occurrence From Selection

Creates a new occurrence parenting the occurrences being selected, in order to group them

Create Light

Actions to add a new Light (or Light occurrence) of different type to the Product Structure

Insert Default Lights In Tree

Adds the 4 Default Lights, used to light the scene when the lighting mode using the Environment Map is disabled, in the Product Structure, allowing to tune them.

Deleting these 4 Default Lights will re-create them out of the Product Structure with their default values. 

Create Primitive

Actions to insert simple primitives in the scene (visible in the Viewer and listed in the Product Structure)