In order to bridge the gap between the CAD world and Unity Editor to unlock Real-Time 3D content creation, Pixyz Studio (and Pixyz Scenario Processor) natively supports the export of Unity Prefab files.

In Unity3D, a Prefab is a special type of component that allows fully configured GameObjects to be saved in the Project for reuse.

This export capability provides a streamlined workflow from CAD/3D models to Unity Editor:

  1. Import and aggregate CAD/3D models in Pixyz Studio
  2. Prepare and optimize them using the full extent of Pixyz Studio features
  3. Export as a .prefab file, directly in the targeted Unity Editor project

NOTE                To import 3D models optimized with Pixyz in a runtime app built with Unity, the recommended solution is to use glTF files as pivot files: more information here

Supported features

  • Full Product Structure (hierarchy)
  • Conversion to Unity‚Äôs Coordinate System (Y-up, left-handed, no removeSymmetryMatrices applied)
  • Non-visible occurrences exported (kept non-visible)
  • Instances preserved
  • Meshes (triangularized and attributes exported are: normals, UVs (channels 0 and 1 only) and tangents)
  • Materials (converted to Unity Standard material type)
  • Textures (embedded as raw images)

Not exported/supported

  • Lines, points and BRep geometries (give empty GameObjects if existing)
  • Vertex colors
  • Metadata or Custom Properties
  • Animation
  • PMI/Variants/Views/Cameras