From the License Manager, you can view and manage your Pixyz Studio license(s).

Online license Tab

The "Online license" tab lists all the Node-locked licenses available from your Pixyz website account (one raw per license) and allows you to manage the one installed on the current computer:

  • "Reinstall" button: Allows to reinstall a license installed on the current computer. For example, it might be required if the license has been renewed, or if a token has been added to the license (like a new format)
  • "Release" button : Allows to uninstall the license from the current computer in order to install it on another computer (possible only once a year!). Please see the procedure here
  • "Refresh" button : Allows to refresh the list if it has been updated

Offline license Tab

The "Offline license" tab allows to manage (install and release) an offline Node-locked license if you don't have internet connection:

  • License activation and installation: please see the procedure here
  • License release from the current computer: please see the procedure here

License server Tab

The "License server" tab allows to connect to a License server in order to use a floating license.

Please refer to this page to setup this server.