The Mesh Menu contains the most commonly used mesh data preparation algorithms:

Menu option


Keyboard Shortcut

Repair Mesh

Automatically repairs selected meshes (tessellated geometries): stitches disconnected edges within the given tolerance, orients faces consistently,...

Orient Faces

Orients consistently polygons' faces and normals in the same direction by propagating orientation information from one polygon to the other, for the selected meshes.

See About Face and Vertex Normals

Invert Faces Orientation

Inverts polygons' faces and normals orientation, for the selection. The selection can be either Parts, patches or polygons.

Orient Faces From Current View

Orient Faces From Current View executes a semi-automatic repair of polygons’ faces orientation, based on the viewport camera.

It uses the camera's position to properly and automatically orient meshes faces towards its direction.

TIPS                Use it step by step around your model until you are satisfied with meshes faces orientation

Smart Orient Faces

Orients all polygons faces in the same direction, automatically and at once on a full model, using a scattering of cameras to determine faces final orientation

Create Normals

Creates normals on the polygons of the selection

See About Face and Vertex Normals

Orient Normals

Orients consistently clockwise the vertex normals of a mesh in order to correct its smoothing

See About Face and Vertex Normals

Delete Normals

Deletes normals from a mesh

WARNING        Deleting normals from a mesh can result in an improper shading (black or faceted)

See About Face and Vertex Normals

Create Tangents

Creates tangents on selected meshes, accordingly to their UVs (requires UVs in order to work)

Identify Patches

Creates patches boundaries on the selected meshes, based on geometrical information (attributes, edges angle, former CAD information...)

Delete Patches

Deletes patches boundaries

Explode Part By Materials

Creates one Part occurrence by material applied on the patches of the selected Part(s)

Explode Part By Connected Meshes

Splits all the connected meshes within a Part into one new Part per connected mesh, for the selected Part(s)

Explode Part By Patches

Splits meshes following patch boundaries and creates one single Part occurrence per old patch

Separate Selection in New Part

Creates a new Part out of a selection of sub-meshes (patches, polygons…)

Create Lines

Creates polylines (made of free edges connected together) out of patches boundaries

Delete Lines

Deletes polylines (made of free edges connected together)

TIPS                It can be useful to to delete lines prior to exporting to FBX files, in order to limit the file size and avoid performances issues in some cases.

Create Textures From Lines

Create textures out of co-planar polylines (made of free edges connected together) 

Extract Neutral Axis From Pipes

Create a polyline (or a group of polylines) out of any swept shape like piping, wiring, tubing

Create Pipes From Lines

Extrudes a circular section along an underlying polyline (sweep)

Delete Free Vertices

Deletes all free vertices of a selection of meshes

Remove Z-fighting

Remove Z-fighting (surfaces overlaping) by slightly shrinking the selected parts' surfaces

Vertex Offset

Moves the vertices by offset their position along their normal, positively or negatively