The Plugin Editor panel gives access to Pixyz Studio's Plugin Editor.



Keyboard Shortcut

(1) Create a new plugin

Creates a new plugin, made of a Python script (including a main function that needs to be edited according the user's Data Preparation scenario), and an XML file

(2) List of plugins

Allows to select the Active plugin and its files in the Plugin Editor, among the list of all the plugins installed and loaded by Pixyz Studio

(3) Rename

Renamed the Actiave plugin (automatically renamed everywhere in all the plugin files)

(4) Duplicate

Duplicates the Active plugin (asks to define a name for the duplicated plugin)

(5) List of functions

Allows to select the function to play among all the functions existing in the Active plugin

(6) Play

Plays the function selected in the Active plugin (chosen in the list of functions)

(7) Stop

Stops the execution of the function being played

(8) Plugin tree

The left bar is the Plugin tree: it lists as a tree the information and files required to execute the Active plugn:

  • Dependencies folder: lists the dependencies (modules) loaded with the plugin, required to be properly executed
  • Functions folder: lists all the functions defined in the plugin's script(s)
  • Scripts folder: lists all the script(s) bound to the Active plugin. Click a script to make it available for editing in the Scripting window
  • IO Parameters: lists the XML file bound to the Active plugin. Click a script to make it available for editing in the Scripting window

(9) Reload plugins

Reloads the Active plugin to save potential changes. 

It is required to reload the Active plugin if it was changed before playing it, in order for changes to be effective

(10) Editing window

The Editing window is meant to edit scripts and XML files of the Active plugin. 

To make a file active in the Editing window, click on it in the Plugin tree.

(11) Loaded files

Files from the Active plugin loaded in the Editing window are loaded in separate tabs. 

Click the tab to choose the file to edit.

(12) Save

Saves the file active in the Editing window

(13) Show non-printable characters

Toggles on/off non-printable characters

Editing window

Files from the Active plugin (Python scripts and XML) can be edited in the Editing window, with a few useful functionalities to help editing:


The Editing window Editor comes with a Search/Replace tool to help quickly modify scripts.

NOTE                To use the CTRL+F shortcut, or any other keyboard shortcut available, the Editing window needs to be activated, by clicking inside the panel.


Code lines can be commented/uncommented by right-clicking the selected code, or by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Comment current lines: CTRL+K+C
  • Uncomment current lines: CTRL+K+U

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