The Product Structure (Tree) panel is positioned by default at the left side of the GUI.

From there, the user can view the scene occurrences organized in a hierarchy, and interact with them.

IMPORTANT                Understanding the concepts of Product Structure and Occurrences is key to an efficient use of Pixyz Studio. Please refer first to these topics: About the Product Structure (Tree), About Occurrences

Interacting with the Product Structure

The Product Structure offers direct interaction possibilities to the user, among:

  • Expand/collapse the tree
  • Select Occurrences
  • Move occurrences in the tree to change the way it is organized
  • Search for occurrences
  • Change occurrences visibility
  • ...

Using the Product Structure

To learn how to:


When hovering with the mouse an occurrence in the Product Structure, a tooltip appears showing some information:

  • The occurrence ID
  • Statistics about the mesh contained in the occurrence, if applicable (meaning if the occurrence is a Part containing a mesh)

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