Pixyz Studio' scripting feature comes with a dedicated Python API Reference/reference, allowing an efficient and productive scripting experience, especially when creating plugins for Pixyz Scenario Processor.

The documentation page includes:

  • A Search bar allowing to quickly find the information you are looking for
  • Functions and Types are sorted by Pixyz Modules, quickly accessible from foldable folders in the Table of contents
  • Types are also listed in the documentation, helpful for plugin creation
  • Code snippets are available for each function

Follow this link to open the Python API Reference.

TIP        Remember to have a look at the Getting Started With Python Scripting in Pixyz documentation page to get started with scripting in Pixyz Studio!

How To

To access API the documentation, 3 possibilities:

  • From the Help Menu, choose "API Reference" to access the documentation homepage:

  • From the dialog box of each function, click the "Go to documentation" link:

  • From the tooltip of each function listed in the menu, click the "Go to Python API Reference" link:

NOTE                Note that this API Reference is available both offline (local) & online. When clicking a link to a documentation page from Pixyz Studio interface, the offline/local documentation will open.

API Reference version

To know which version the API Reference is tied to, have a look at the version number at the bottom of the Table of Content:

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