Pixyz Studio comes with a scripting API and a Python Scripting Editor, allowing advanced users to create powerful scripts to automate repetitive or complex Data Preparation tasks.

Interactive and scriptable

Pixyz Studio's User Interface reflects the API based philosophy of the application: almost all functions available through the interface can be also called in scripting.

The Python interface offers even more functions, to allow the user to create limitless Data Preparation recipes.

Getting started with Python Scripting in Pixyz

Whether you want to script short helper functions in Pixyz Studio or advanced data preparation scenarios for Pixyz Scenario Processor, check out this page to get started or improve your knowledge.

The full API Reference/reference is here.

Some documentation about advanced scripting can be found in the Python Scripting Advanced Documentation page.

Pixyz Plugins

With Pixyz Studio, it is possible to build and share powerful plugins with the integrated Python scripting interface.

Find more info about plugins in the Plugins page.

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