The Selection Menu contains a set of functions to quickly and automatically select Parts in the scene.

IMPORTANT        In Pixyz Studio, when a function requiring a selection of occurrences is executed with an empty selection, the whole scene will be processed.. More information here.

Menu option


Keyboard Shortcut

Select All

Selects all Part occurrences (or Parts) from the scene (visible or hidden)


Invert Selection

Switches the current selection


Clear Selection

Clears the current selection


Find Selection In Tree

Used to find the current selection in the Product Structure (Tree)


Isolate Selection

Displays the current selection in a temporary view, in order to visualize it and process it independently from the whole scene


Select Ancestor

Selects the first common ancestor of the current selection


Select Children

Selects the children for each occurrence of the current selection

> (SHIFT + <)

Select Non Visible Parts

Selects all Parts not visible in the viewer (shown in the No-Show view), i.e. with their Visible property disabled

Select Visible Parts

Selects all Parts visible in the viewer

Select By Maximum Size

Selects Parts within a specified maximum Bounding Box diagonal size

Identify Instances

Selects Parts that are instantiated in the scene more than the specified value

Select Instances

Selects all the instances of the currently selected occurrence (providing it is instantiated multiple times in the scene)

Select Similar

Scans the entire scene to identify Parts similar (geometrically identical) to the current selection (select Part(s) before using)

Select Duplicated

Select duplicated Parts, meaning identical parts that are superimposed (with similar size, polygon count, position and orientation)

NOTE                Requires tessellated objects (meshes): will not work with CAD/Brep objects.

Hidden Selection

Selects Parts not viewed from a set of cameras placed spherically around the selection. Works the same way as the Hidden Removal function, but is not destructive (selects only).

NOTE                Requires tessellated objects (meshes): will not work with CAD/BRep objects.

Smart Hidden Selection

Selects Parts not viewed from a set of camera automatically generated and scattered around the selected model

NOTE                Requires tessellated objects (meshes): will not work with CAD/BRep objects.

Select By Material

Allows to select Parts from the scene that visually show a given material (independently from how the material is actually set, be it as a Material Property, applied to patches, or inherited from a parent)

Select By Metadata

Selects all occurrences sharing an identical metadata property

Select By Property

Allows to select occurrences sharing an identical property, among the default properties like "Name", "Material" or "Visibility", or custom user-defined properties

NOTE                Advanced selection tools like Select By Maximum Size, Select Parts from No Show, Identify Instances, Select Instances and Select Similar will definitely ease and accelerate your Data Preparation processes into Pixyz Studio. Other "smart" selection can be achieved through python scripting. Please contact Pixyz/Unity for more information.