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All notes listed below that are not related to Pixyz Studio's user interface or interactive usage are also valid for Pixyz Scenario Processor

Release 2021.1.0.79

(Released November 04, 2021)

NOTE                For a quick overview of the main features new in Pixyz Studio 2021.1, please visit this page.


  • [Import] "GDSII" format: Added support of GDSII format
  • [Import] All formats: Translation of "CAD API Failed Errors" to understandable messages
  • [Export] "glb" format: Added export compressed .glb files using Draco mesh compression
  • [Export] "JT" format: Added 'JTExportVersion' parameter to choose the JT version at export
  • [Export] All formats: Added 'ExportTextureFormat' parameter allowing to choose the format when exporting images /textures between PNG and JPEG
  • [Export] Added the export textures in PNG or JPEG, with parameterization of quality/compression
  • [Function] Added 'core.getMemoryUsagePeak' function to log maximum amount of RAM bytes used during a process
  • [Miscellaneous] Support of "emissive" maps in PBR materials: import, export and baking supported
  • [Scripting] Added method "Concat" on strings in Filter expressions
  • [System] Added workaround to fix display issue when 2 screens are used. See this page.
  • [Tools] Added a CLI tool to publish .pxzext from scenario plugin sources automatically
  • [UI] Added "Vertex Offset" function in the "Mesh" menu, with predefined presets
  • [UX] Added "Stop" button in the interface to interrupt the execution of a process
  • [UX] Added "Duplicate Without Instance" functionality ("Edit" menu) to quickly duplicate a selection of occurrences in the Product Structure
  • [Viewer] Added a cross cursor to indicate when Selection Mode is set to a sub-Part mode (ConnectedMesh, Patch, Polygon)


  • [Import] "glTF" format: Updated format to import metadata/custom properties (extras)
  • [Import] "glTF" format: Updated format to import textures tiling
  • [Import] "Rhino" format: Updated format to import curves as BRep (that can be tessellaated)
  • [Import] Removed 'Convert From Zup To Yup' import parameter from the Preferences (already disabled and replaced by 'Flip Coordinate System' parameter)
  • [Export] "glTF" format: Updated format to remove a useless root node created at export
  • [Export] "OBJ" format: Updated format to support vertices with negative indices at import
  • [Function] "List Part SubMaterials" was updated to return 0 when no material is applied (instead of empty)
  • [Function] Updated  "Select By Maximum Size" function to be run on a selection instead of the whole scene + parameter to include hidden parts or not
  • [Function] Added a 'Combine Meshes' parameter to the "Merge Parts By Materials" function to merge parts by visible materials (and not by identical material property only)
  • [Function] Boosted "Decimate Point Clouds" function execution speed (Studio only)
  • [Function] Updated "Decimate To Target" function optimized to handle very large models requiring a lot of RAM
  • [Function] Updated "Merge By Tree Level" function to transfer common parent's material on the resulting part
  • [Function] Updated "ProxyMesh+Bake" function to properly bake Normal Maps even if tangents are not present on the source model
  • [Function] Updated "Resize textures" function to resize all textures applied to a selection of multiple occurrences at once.
  • [Function] Updated "Resize textures" function with a new "Keep Texture Ratio" parameter allowing to reduce texture resolution whilst keeping texture ratio (maximum side is used)
  • [Function][Scripting] Updated "getVertexCount" function with "Count Merged Vertices" parameter, to count all vertices (including ones merged by Pixyz for performances purposes)
  • [Viewer] Viewer is automatically paused (and cannot be manipulated) during the execution of the functions optimizing the scene hierarchy (like "Merge Parts"), which was potentially slowed downed by continuous refresh


  • [Import] "glTF" format: Fixed bug with AO map when importing glTF not read properly
  • [Import] "glTF" format: fixed textures unproperly generated and named at import
  • [Import] "JT" format: Fixed 'PMIReplaceBlackColor' import parameter not working with JT files
  • [Import] "PLMXML" format: Fixed bug at import when decoding special Chinese characters in file name
  • [Import] "SolidWorks" format: Fixed potential blocking when trying to import .sldasm files
  • [Import][Export] "FBX, USD, GLTF" formats: fixed several bugs with animations at import and export
  • [Export] "FBX" format: Fixed potential crash when exporting a selection as an FBX file
  • [Export] "glTF" format: Fixed instability at export when blending opacity information in the albedo map
  • [Export] "glTF" format: Fixed some CAD Lines not exported correctly in glTF format
  • [Export] "USD" formats: Fixed models being shattered when exporting with .usdz, .usda and .usdc formats
  • [Function] Fixed "(Smart) Hidden Removal" functions running slow with the level set to "Parts"
  • [Function] Fixed "Delete Entities" function unstable in some cases
  • [Function] Fixed "ProxyMesh + Bake" function with parameters that were inverted, giving unexpected results
  • [Function] Fixed "Scale vector is null" error when cloning (copy/pasting) animated models
  • [Function] Fixed "Separate Selection" not working with the "Patch" selection mode in some cases
  • [PMI/FTA]Fixed bug with reading PMI with *.JT files
  • [Tools][Advanced Search] Fixed size of UI element for the conditions
  • [Tools][Advanced Search] Fixed bug with Queries listed in "Last Search Done" section when starting the software
  • [Tools][Explode] Fixed bug with visual behaviour IsExplodeCenter not working
  • [UI] Fixed bug which was causing the disappearing of Actions Top Bar when quitting Studio with a right click
  • [UI] Fixed bug with Create Occurrence Group from selection which didn't update selection indicator
  • [UI] Fixed cleaness/sharpness of UI when scaling display in windows config
  • [UX] Fixed a bug where moving Pivot Point only was very slow

Known issues

  • When Pixyz Studio is launched on a secondary monitor, the Viewer appears white and the scene is not displayed. This is issue is caused by a conflict between nVidia GPUs and another software. Check out this page for a workaround!
  • Animations exported in the USD formats (.usda, .usdc and .usdz files) might not behave properly

Older releases

Find below the links to the Release notes for older Pixyz Studio official releases: