At Pixyz we take your data privacy very seriously. This is reflected in our procedures, systems, and software. 

To achieve this, we work on applying all our efforts to enforce the GDPR principles. 

GDPR Compliance Principles 

1. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency 

By accepting our General, User and  Licensing Terms and Conditions you acknowledge and accept that we will collect some or your usage data. 

You understand and agree that the Software may connect to the Internet and report information about your Use back to Metaverse[…] to provide aggregated usage statistics of Your Use of the Software; 

You can stop Analytics collection anytime, by simply changing a parameter inside the software settings.  

Please contact Pixyz support for more information about it. 

The activation and use of the Pixyz Software programs is subject to your registration on Pixyz Software website. This registration includes personal data treatment (last name, first name, email address, address, company etc.).  

2. Purpose limitation 

Usage Analytics is collected exclusively for the purpose of improving our products & services 

Your personal data is collected at registration, firstly to enable Pixyz Licensing system and check you use our software in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions. 

On the website, the registration page includes an opt-in field about the possibility for METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE to use your personal data for marketing or commercial purposes (such as newsletters, questionnaires and information on similar products and services).  

You can opt-out of our marketing campaign, by simply contacting us by mail. 

3. Data minimization 

Products usage 

We limit the collection of data to functions & UX/UI usage:

All identifiable information is anonymized.  


On the website, the collected data are strictly limited to: 

4. Accuracy 

We are collecting data directly from real usage, provided that we have access to it.  

While we do not have access to software behind firewalls we will limit our analysis of results to this specific context (i.e. Firms with large internet access and no web access limitations).

5. Storage limitations 

You have the right to access your Pixyz Software account to modify your personal data or to close your Pixyz Software account. If you close your Pixyz Software account, your data will be erased. However, we reserve the right to keep certain categories of data as necessary in case of future claims or disputes between you & METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE, for the term authorized by law. This data will however be deactivated and no longer accessible online. The data retention period is defined in compliance with applicable laws.

6. Integrity and confidentiality 

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE enforces security measures to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data.  

Inside the usage analytics system all personal data is, by design, anonymized. sures 

In addition, all transiting usage analytics data is encrypted 

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE will restrict access to collected data only to authorized Metaverse employees who need such information for their core activities.. 

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE do not share data for marketing purpose with third parties. 

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE relies on third party platforms and online services to communicate and distribute its products. These providers may collect data. To know more, please check our cookie policy page. 

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE checks, with reasonable efforts, that the third party providers on which it is relying are GDPR compliant. 

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE cannot guarantee that your communications and other personal data will not be intercepted or disclosed by a third party. 

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE and its hosting providers have implemented appropriate measures to ensure the safety of your personal data.  

Security plan is accessible to identified customers, upon request. 

7. Accountability

The personal data treatment processes are fully documented and available upon request, for identified customers. 

8. Breach Notification 

After becoming aware of a Personal data breach, Pixyz Software will notify customers without undue delay of: (a) the nature of the data breach; (b) the number and categories of data subjects and data records affected. 


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