Security Policy


The risk of data theft, scams, and security breaches can have a detrimental impact on a company’s systems, technology infrastructure, and reputation. As a result, Pixyz Software has created this policy to help outline the security measures put in place to ensure software product and information remains secure and protected.



The purpose of this policy is to (a) protect software data and infrastructure, (b) outline the protocols and guidelines that govern cyber security measures


Data Collection security policy

If Pixyz product is connected to internet, it will collect anonymized software performance analytics data and store them on secured AWS server managed by Pixyz Software. Those data are only used by Pixyz Software for improving the Software.

However, it is possible to deactivate performance analytics data collection directly from the Software. Please contact Pixyz support for more information about it.

Collected analytics are encrypted in the Software and sent through a secured https connection. Collected data are then anonymized and stored on AWS cloud which has one of the highest security systems in the world and managed by authorized Pixyz Software employees. Pixyz Software will limit the data retention to 12 months.

After becoming aware of a personal data breach, Pixyz Software will notify customers without undue delay of: (a) the nature of the data breach; (b) the number and categories of data subjects and data records affected.

For a listing of analytics data collected please visit our Privacy Policy page


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