Simplicity and performance
for your 3D & CAD reviews

We believe 3D data should be accessible for study to anyone.
Use Pixyz Review to instantly review, collaborate and interact
with complex assemblies in desktop and/or VR.

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Simply drag & drop your files. No conversion, no concern about formats: Pixyz Review deals with most native CAD, Mesh and Point Clouds files.

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Study immediately your product – forget about lags. Navigate through dense product hierarchy, inspect and analyze large or complex assemblies with Pixyz Review’s powerful viewer.

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Plug & Immerse

Connect your headset, grab your controllers and switch to Virtual Reality. No VR expertise required. Analyze or interact with your model, fully immersed and focused.

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    Daily Engineering Check
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    Visualize heavy and rich 3D files from any source without performance limitations.
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    VR Design Review
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    Anticipate future design errors with fast and fluid collaborative design reviews
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    VR Industrialisation Review
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    Validate conception faster, reduce physical testings and do quick ergonomic studies
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    Maintainability studies
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    Anticipate mountability and maintenance issues
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    Technical Documentation
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    Highlight what matters inside of complex assemblies
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    Production line Layout
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    Reduce iteration time and investment on new production line implementation
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    Customer product presentation
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    Strengthen relationship with customers with realtime 3D and immersive presentations
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With Review they were able to…


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Study on desktop

  • Import all intelligence from any source (PMI, Metadata, ...)
  • Find, focus isolate or highlight parts
  • Engineering Tools for you: Measurements, Cutting plane, Explode
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Immerse in VR

  • VR in one click
  • Interactive assemblies, grabbable objects
  • Stage your scene, get closer to reality
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  • Multi-device, multi-location
  • Secure and private, no data exchange
  • Lead your collaborative Design Review


  • How many file formats does Pixyz Review support?

    More than 50. Pixyz Review processes most CAD, Mesh & Point Clouds data (including CATIA, IGES, STEP, SolidWorks, VRED, CREO, ALIAS, JT, RVM, FBX, 3DXML, e57, USD, RCP, 3DS, STL, …).
    Conversion and compatibility issues will be nothing but a distant memory.

    Check the full list here in the documentation

  • What's the limit in terms of model size and complexity?

    “Hardware is the limit 🚀”

    Jokes aside, Pixyz Review provides a high level of display performance regardless of the number of polygons, even on computers with low processing power. So it really depends on your hardware capabilities.

    To give you examples:

    • with a Razer Blade (16go RAM and 6go VRAM, i7), we can open and review a model of 100 000 parts with 50M triangles.
    • With a Surface Book, you will be able to open a model with 50 000 parts and 10M triangles

    Check the minimum & recommanded hardware requirements.

  • Which VR hardware or headsets are supported by Pixyz Review?

    The most notorious VR head-mounted displays are supported on SteamVR, Oculus & Mixed Reality portals :

    • HTC Vive / Vive Pro
    • HTC Vive 2
    • Oculus Rift
    • Oculus Rift S
    • Oculus Quest (using Oculus Link beta)
    • Windows Mixed Reality devices (Lenovo Acer, HP)

    We also support PowerWall technology (Quadbuffer) for design reviews on immersive systems using active stereoscopy, scale 1:1 visualization & ART tracking systems.

  • Can I stage my scene to make my VR experience more real?

    Yes. In Pixyz Review, you can implement interaction behavior on objects to make them grabbable in VR, add movement constraints if needed or dress your assemblies with materials.

    More information and step-by-step tutorials here.

  • How secure is the collaborative session? How to set up one?

    Pixyz collaborative mode is completely secure and IP protected. Users need to receive and open the exact same file locally in order to launch the collaborative session. This avoids unwanted 3D data sharing or image/video sharing through the connection/server.

    According to the network you’re using, setting a collaboration session can be easily achieved:

    • If you’re on a public network, you will be able to use the free collaboration servers we provide, depending on your geo-location for better performance.
    • If you’re on a private/restricted network, you might need special authorization to connect on our free server. It is also possible to install a private server on your local network which can be accessed with a specific IP.


Next Steps

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