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Pixyz Studio is a unique 3D data preparation tool providing the best-in-class tessellation algorithm, enabling the transformation of CAD data from industry-leading solutions (Catia, NX, SolidWorks…) into lightweight, optimized meshes.

Pixyz Studio’s interactive user interface gives access to a large set of features and algorithms for 3D data optimization. It also embeds a Python API, allowing advanced users to create powerful scripts and plugins, to automate complex data preparation tasks.

Pixyz Studio helps companies leverage their 3D/CAD data, preparing it for Real-time 3D use, and for any visualization scenario.

Quality Mesh


Complex and
heavy models

Low Memory

fast treatment


1. IMPORT a native CAD file within Pixyz Studio: CATPart, 3DXML, Solidworks, JT, STEP...
See formats supported in Pixyz Studio.

2. ASSEMBLE at scale large CAD files, conform them in an efficient way.

3. TESSELLATE CAD models, turning them into light 3D meshes using powerful tessellation algorithms, with automatic UV creation.

4. INTERACTIVELY treat your 3D meshes with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. Combine and process them dynamically with the possibility of reversing actions (Undo/Redo history, Original CAD surfaces conservation) according to your scenario.

5. OPTIMIZE your 3D models using a large and powerful set of algorithms: Tree optimization, Decimation, Holes Removal, Hidden Removal, Automatic UV, Automatic Proxy creation, Predefined and customizable scenarios... and many more!

6. EXPORT lightweight and optimized tessellated models to your favorite staging tools: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, VRED, WebGL (GLTF), 3DSMax, Maya, SketchUp, Apple AR (USDZ) ...

7. SAVE your optimized 3D model to our native Pixyz format to enjoy better flexibility and efficiency during the content creation and optimization process.

8. REPEAT your Data Preparation tasks creating Python scripts and plugins, allowing semi-automatic treatment.

9. PUBLISH your specific Data Preparation scenarios as binarized plugins, to run in Pixyz Scenario Processor to batch process multiple CAD/3D files


CAD format compatibility

Import and combine files coming from most used CAD/3D solutions
See formats supported in
Pixyz Studio

Native hierarchy

Access to the original product hierarchy (full scene tree), including Metadata, and to dedicated functions for optimizing it

Powerful algorithms

Get the best out of your CAD data and your optimization process by using powerful algorithms: Tessellation, CAD topology correction, Decimation, Healing...

History management

Fine-tune mesh quality on specific parts of your model using the Re-tesselate feature and the Undo-Redo History

Automate tasks

Use the built-in Python API and Plugin Editor, to create and save your own automated processes as plugins

Scale Data Prep *

Publish your Data Preparation scenarios as plugins, deploy them in Pixyz Scenario Processor for automatic batch processing of 3D files

Batch processing limited in Pixyz Studio (testing purposes only)

Powerful features

Find out more about Pixyz Studio powerful and innovative features (see more)


Here is an example of a typical workflow that can be processed in Pixyz Studio to efficiently prepare and optimize your 3D models.


Use the built-in Python API and Plugin Editor to create and save your own Data Preparation processes as plugins.
Publish your plugins and deploy them in Pixyz Scenario Processor for automatic batch processing of 3D files. for automatic batch processing of 3D files.


Pixyz Tessellator creates high quality, low density meshes from almost any CAD model. It provides efficient and very fast tessellation as well as a highly reduced and optimized number of polygons.

More information here


Pixyz can remove specific features from a CAD model e.g. through holes, blind holes and soon, fillets and chamfers. It removes targeted features, depending on the input settings.


Pixyz decimation solution reduces the polygon density of a mesh by deleting vertices. It allows for precise control and perfect preservation of model topology, normals distortion and texture coordinates (UVW).

More information here


Pixyz can remove specific features from a CAD model e.g. through holes, blind holes and soon, fillets and chamfers. It removes targeted features, depending on the input settings.


Pixyz offers CAD and Mesh repair features, such as CAD topology correction, removal of duplicated faces/patches, face reconnection, polygon reconnection, normals/faces orientation unification, etc…


Access to the original product hierarchy (full scene tree) and dedicated functions with which to optimize it.

More information here

Who is it for ?

Anyone who needs to take advantage of their 3D database: CAD experts, engineering & manufacturing departments, communication & marketing departments, agencies, interactive 3D developers, 3D artists, architecture firms...

“Before, I had to do a lot of manual operations in different software to optimize my CAD data. Pixyz Studio saves me so much time, for an even better result. The mesh obtained from the tessellation has an outstanding quality, for a fraction of the polygon count I’m used to see in other software. I can create many optimization strategies and re-apply them according to the kind of CAD input and final visualization scenario."
“With Pixyz Studio, I create scripts in python letting me do very complex optimization strategies. Possibilities become literally endless."


Data prep artist


CAD developer

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