PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.1.1.8

(Released May 24, 2019)


  • [Algorithm] Add point clouds voxelization & texture baking. Allows point cloud meshingoccurrence
  • [Algorithm] Add “MergePartsByAssemblies” in menu SCENE
  • [Algorithm] Add functions scene.listComponents() and scene.getComponentType()
  • [General] Add link to PiXYZ Helpdesk platform in menu HELP
  • [General] Japanese langage
  • [General] Chinese langage
  • [General] Boost viewer FPS (x1.5) when OpenGL version is older than 4.3
  • [GUI] Add METADATA component


  • [General] Remove duplicated batch scripts in sample directory
  • [General] Disk space use due to undo/redo
  • [General] Speed-up undo/redo stat saving
  • [GUI] Move of MergeByMaterials in SCENE menu
  • [Import] New GLB import (default & alternative import)
  • [Algorithm] Update “Smart Orient” function


  • [Import] Crash on CGR import (textures)
  • [Import] Crash on STEP import (alternative importer)
  • [Import] Crash when exiting Studio during WIRE import
  • [Import] Fix .ptx file reading with multiple parts
  • [Import] Fix bug on CATIA V5
  • [Import] Fix WIRE material name import & preservation
  • [Import] Fix on FBX import
  • [General] Deadlock (crash) due to undo/redo
  • [General] Product structure widget stability issue
  • [General] Memory leak when removing BREP
  • [General] Langage switch
  • [GUI] Search by name function with regexp
  • [GUI] Crash if undo in material editor
  • [GUI] Patch selection fix
  • [Algorithm] Tessellation propagation problem
  • [Algorithm] Tessellation on cone surfaces
  • [Algorithm] Crash during “Projection UV from view”
  • [Algorithm] Reset Transform on selection
  • [Algorithm] Compress algorithm with UI use of the product structure
  • [Export] USD export issue
  • [Export] USD export issue
  • [Export] Crash with GLTF export when texture are missing
  • [Export] Export materials in 3DXML

Known issues

  • [Import] SketchUp format: useless intermediary nodes still added at import
  • [Import] Alias format: Layered Materials not supported
  • [General] Undo/redo –Random stability issues that may cause PIXYZ Studio crashes
  • [General] “Create Symmetry” generates a reverted gizmo (indirect)
  • [General] Measurement snapping tool not working
  • [GUI] Tree manipulation can cause instability in some cases
  • [Viewer] Viewport might take some time to refresh/update after a complex process on large/complex models
  • [Algorithm] OPTIMIZE MESH / Convex Hull not working properly (BETA)
  • [Export] OBJ export may crash on some CAD files (3DXML)
  • [Export] FBX format: versions 2018 and 2019 not available in the Preferences list yet

PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.1.0.9

(Released April 23, 2019)


PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.1.0.9 is released as a beta version. Major features have been included and a quality baseline has been established.
That means you are likely to experience PiXYZ STUDIO as less stable than a final version. An updated version (2019.1 Update1) with improved quality will be made available in the next weeks.


  • [Product Structure] The Product Structure is now composed of one node type only, called occurrence
  • [Product Structure] Simplified Product Structure view (no more Simple/Advanced view modes: only one, simplified Tree view)
  • [Product Structure] New Prototype concept to handle occurrences instantiation in the Product Structure
  • [Product Structure] Dynamic scene Tree manipulation: move/copy/paste/duplicate/create/hide/show occurrences
  • [Product Structure] Use now Regex to select occurrences from the Product Structure' search field
  • [Product Structure] Ancestor and Children fast selection ("PageUp" & "PageDown" keyboard shortcuts, "Select Ancestor" & "Select Children" functions)
  • [Viewer] Occurrence Transform manipulation: manipulate an occurrence (or its pivot point) directly from the viewport with a Transform gizmo
  • [Viewer] Mesh Selection: select sub-mesh elements like patches or polygons directly in the viewport, and perform actions on the selection: delete selection or fix selection's faces orientation
  • [Viewer] Visibility inheritance feature: an occurrence can inherit the visibility of a parent, or override it
  • [Viewer] Select BRep (CAD) surfaces "in-depth" (right-click rectangular selection) now available
  • [Viewer] New "Maximum Picking Point Radius" parameter added to limit the size of the picking points when doing measurements
  • [GUI] Undo/redo now available!
  • [GUI] 2019.1 GUI Look-and-feel update
  • [GUI] Direct access to Help from menus tooltips
  • [GUI] Quick access to all PiXYZ functions & algorithms from the Function List (F12) and the Main Toolbar
  • [GUI] Copy auto-generated Python code directly from function window
  • [GUI] Quick restore of a function default values
  • [GUI] Add a custom property on a selection of occurrences at once
  • [Algorithm][Beta] new "Replace By" function added, allowing to replace scene elements by another object
  • [Algorithm] new "Smart Orient" algorithm, meant to be used on a full mock-up to automatically orient all faces consistently, at once
  • [Algorithm] new "Re-Tessellate" algorithm, to tessellate again a Part occurrence or the full scene, at any moment of the Data Preparation process
  • [Algorithm] new "Back To BRep", to retrieve the original BRep surfaces (also called precise/CAD geometries) and fine-tune original surfaces optimization.
  • [Algorithm] new "Clean Unused Materials", to remove all unused materials in a scene at once
  • [Algorithm] new "Make Materials Names Unique", to give a unique name to all materials in a scene at once
  • [Algorithm] new "UV Projection" functions:  Box / Plane / Sphere / Cylinder / Projection From View
  • [Algorithm][Beta] new "Convex Hull", to automatically generates a Convex Hull envelop from an existing mesh
  • [Algorithm][Beta] new "Marching Cubes", to automatically generate a Marching Cube representation of an existing mesh
  • [API] Occurrences List replaces Scene Paths as Python functions input, making scripting a lot simpler
  • [API][GUI] New "Create Occurrence(s)" and "Create Occurrence From Selection" to add nodes in the Product Structure
  • [API][GUI] New "Move Occurrences" to move occurrences in the Product Structure
  • [API][GUI] New Pivot point management functions: "Move Pivot Point To Selection Center", "Move Pivot Point To Origin", "Move Pivot Point To Occurrence Center"
  • [API][GUI] New "Select Instances" to select all the instances of an instantiated occurrence
  • [API] New "List Feature" function that returns holes' diameter and position
  • [API] New "Interrupt script" button (core.interruptionRequested()) in the Plugin Editor window
  • [API] Create custom plugins, to add custom functionalities and behavior to PiXYZ STUDIO
  • [API] Built-in sample scripts available, folder direct access from the Plugin Editor window
  • [API][Beta] New "Orient From Camera View" script, to orient all faces consistently (by propagation) and point the final orientation towards the viewport camera
  • [API] Access to PiXYZ CAD modeler through Python functions now available


Many API functions were either removed, added, renamed or modified: check the Change Log

  • [General] Performances global enhancement: faster tree expand, viewer performances improved, materials preview creation boosted, materials merging on large assemblies...
  • [Import] All formats: files original Product Structure preservation at import enhanced
  • [Import] Revit format global enhancement: import speed boosted (up to x4), more data retrieved (meshes, materials, metadata), 2019 version support
  • [Import] Alias format: format global enhancement (2019 version support) and Layer Folders now supported (using the "Alias Import By Layer" import parameter set to True)
  • [Export] USD format global enhancement, UVs and Normals automatically created at export when absent (as required by MacOS/iOS platforms)
  • [Export] FBX format: Product Structure entirely preserved at export, 2019 version support (API only)
  • [Algorithm] Remeshing algorithms enhanced ("Proxy Mesh with Textures" and "Voxelize")
  • [Algorithm] "Generate Proxy Mesh" function renamed "Proxy Mesh With Textures", now available in the Optimize Mesh menu
  • [Algorithm] "Proxy Mesh" function updated: "Marching Cubes" and "Project Points" parameters removed
  • [Algorithm] "Tessellate": continuous improvement, better handling of complex surface boundaries.
  • [Algorithm] "Remove Holes" enhancement: new Fill with Material option, removed holes diameter and position returned
  • [Algorithm] "Repack UV" enhancement: is faster and uses all available space in the UV space
  • [Algorithm][Beta] "Bake Texture Maps" function enhanced: new map types: Specular, Roughness, Metallic and Opacity
  • [Algorithm] "Create Materials From Maps": automatically creates PBR materials out of imported texture maps (previously named "import Substance Materials")
  • [Algorithm] New "Consider Transparent Opaque" parameter for Hidden detection based algorithms to ignore transparent surfaces at algorithm execution
  • [Algorithm] Updater behavior for the "Merge By Tree Level" function: now the input Level designates the level to which occurrences will be merged
  • [Algorithm] New "Merge Hidden Parts" parameter added to handle hidden occurrences for "Merge Parts", "Merge Final Level" and "Merge Parts By Assemblies" functions
  • [Algorithm] New "Collapse To Parent" parameter added for "Merge Final Level" and "Merge Parts By Assemblies" functions: merges the result on the selected node
  • [Algorithm] Updated "Combine Meshes By Visible Materials": automatically creates one Part occurrence by scene visible Material
  • [Algorithm] "Automatic UV Mapping": parameter "Scale To One" removed (was not used)


  • [Import] CATIA format: color RGB values are now faithful to their original values
  • [Import] SketchUp format: some hidden parts could be imported if import parameter "Load Hidden" was set to to False: fixed
  • [Import] OBJ format: OBJ files were not loaded if their attached MTL file contained spaces in their name: fixed
  • [Import] SolidWorks format: PMI were imported even if the "Load PMI" import parameter was set to false: fixed
  • [Import] JT format: Bad material/color assignment on some models fixed
  • [Import] FBX format: instances with a different material are singularized (made "unique", not an instance anymore) at import in order to keep correct material assignment
  • [Import] Potential bad BRep surfaces interpretation fixed
  • [Viewer] Part deletion taking a long time to process on large models fixed
  • [Viewer] Grid or model contour affected by the Edge thickness parameter when creating and adjusting a cutting plane: fixed
  • [Viewer] Potential bad UV display in the viewer fixed
  • [GUI] Potential crash when managing the Material Editor fixed
  • [GUI] Crash when removing textures from the Texture lister fixed
  • [GUI] Part deletion impossible when part not fit in the Product Structure window fixed
  • [Algorithm] One could experience STUDIO to crash when performing a "Bake Maps": fixed
  • [Algorithm] "Combine Meshes By Visible Materials" creating useless Assembly nodes as a parent of the resulting Parts fixed


  • [General] Modifiers concept no longer exist
  • [General] Group concept no longer exist (partially replaced by the Variant concept, still under development)
  • [General] Scene Graph concept no longer exist (replaced by the new Product Structure)

Known issues

  • [Import] SketchUp format: useless intermediary nodes still added at import
  • [Import] Alias format: Layered Materials not supported
  • [Export] FBX format: versions 2018 and 2019 not available in the Preferences list yet
  • [Export] glTF format: *.glb extension not available yet (*.gltf only)
  • [GUI] Tree manipulation can cause instability in some cases
  • [Algorithm] "Reset Transform" function might move occurrences in some cases
  • [Algorithm] "Repair CAD" might take some time to process on very large/complex CAD models
  • [Algorithm][Beta] "Convex Hull" can take a long time to process on some meshes
  • [Viewer] Viewport might take some time to refresh/update after a complex process on large/complex models
  • [Languages] Japanese GUI not yet implemented in 2019.1. Will be added soon (2019.1 update 1).

Older releases

Find below the links to the Release notes for older PiXYZ STUDIO official releases: