Pixyz Review 2019.2.1.12

(Released February 5, 2020)

Update :

  • [Import] NX format: NX 1872 version now supported
  • [Import] SolidEdge format: SolidEdge 2020 version now supported
  • [Import] 3DXML V6 format: Metadata now properly imported on each Product Structure node
  • [Import] VRML format: general enhancement
  • [Import] You can now point the Alias .dll and VRED.exe file to enable the inport of .wire and .vpb files
  • [Import] Pixyz Review merges automatically at import the materials with the same characteristics and same name, settable in Preferences
  • [Import] Udapte of format list available when importing a file with windows dialog box
  • [Product Structure] "Alternative Tree" panel now disabled
  • [Product Structure]  SceneGraph from a Pixyz file version 2018.3 can replace the Product Structure at import


  • [Geneal] Problem with FPS reduction while using VR: fixed
  • [General] Undo/Redo on large scenes could lead to "Receiver not attached" exceptions up to software crash: fixed
  • [Collaboration] A bug which made Pixyz Review crash during collaboration session: fixed
  • [Import] Problem with PMI/FTA importation with STEP AP242 file: fixed
  • [Import] Problem with metadata importation for *.3DXML V6 file: fixed
  • [Save] Problem with exportation of a large .pxz file: fixed
  • [Import] Crash at specific .pxz import with variants: fixed
  • [Import] e57 format: import bugs on very large Point cloud models fixed: fixed
  • [Import] Opening *.pxz scene with Variants could lead to potential crashes: fixed

Known issues :

  • [Import] Issue with invisible STEP file due to a color opacity set at 0 at import
  • [Import] JT format: JT v10 format gives uneven results. When possible, prefer using JT v9 format.
  • [Import] SketchUp format: useless intermediary nodes still added at import
  • [Import] Alias format: Layered Materials are not supported
  • [Viewer] The camera anchor resets while switching between variants
  • [AR/VR] Error 1031/1033 in AR/VR collaboration session when using Hide/show on desktop
  • [Basic interactions] Problem with updating the material preview in the material editor
  • [Basic Interactions] Problem with the transformation of the PivotPoint through Matrix transformation
  • [Visualization tools] Problem with the component "IsExplodedCenter"