PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.2.0.57

(Released November 25, 2019)


  • [Import] PiXYZ import format: *.PXZ files can now be imported within the current PiXYZ STUDIO scene
  • [Import] VRED format import: *.VPB files can now be imported in PiXYZ STUDIO (geometries only, more information here)
  • [Import][Export] Vertex Color: import and export Vertex Color information from/to FBX and OBJ files
  • [Viewer] Vertex Color display: visualize Vertex Colors directly in the viewport using the new "Vertex Color" Override Material
  • [Viewer] New "Isolate" feature: visualize and process a selection of parts separately from the whole scene
  • [GUI] New "Undo/Redo History" panel: stacks all actions executed in session for a quick access to a previous step
  • [GUI] New "Variants and PMI" panel: Variants (new concept) and PMI display in the viewer is managed though this new panel
  • [Scene] New "Variants" feature: create and display variants of the default scene ( = save scene state regarding occurrences' position, visibility and material assignment)
  • [Algorithm] New "Decimate Target" algorithm: new version of the Decimate Target algorithm based on the Quadric error metric method
  • [Algorithm] New "Voxelize Point Cloud" algorithm: explode a single Point Cloud geometry into several Point Clouds (using a voxelization)
  • [Function] New "Orient From View" function: semi-automatic repair of triangles’ orientation, based on the viewport camera
  • [API] New "scene.findByMetadata" and "scene.getMetaData" functions, to access models metadata


  • [Import][Export] JT format: improved support for JT files at import and export
  • [Import] Improved CAD Precision at import: geometries precision now calculated based on the original input file units (better fidelity to their scale)
  • [Export] USD format: meshes tangents now also exported
  • [Product Structure] Product Structure expand speed boosted
  • [Algorithm] "Remove Holes" function: behavior and success globally enhanced
  • [Algorithm] Updated "Proxy Mesh" algorithm: new Points parameter to create a proxy mesh out of a Point Cloud geometry
  • [Function] Updated "Proxy Mesh With Texture" function to automatically create a textured Proxy mesh from a Point Cloud geometry (use preset "Create ProxyMesh From PointCloud")
  • [GUI] Enhanced GUI for the "Inspector": information more easily readable, easier access to occurrence' prototype
  • [Scripting] Enhanced Script Editor: Search/Replace, Tabs management, Automatic reload of a script edited outside PiXYZ STUDIO, Quick sneak peek at functions' parameters


  • [Import] Improved OBJ Import: textures with spaces in name handled, exception with missing textures, no more crashes with badly written files (missing index, normals...)
  • [Import] Formats *.xyz and *.ply disabled from the Import dialog box (format no more supported since older versions)
  • [Import] 3DXML import causing crash: fixed
  • [Import] VRML import causing crash: fixed
  • [Import] Large *.e57 files not opening: fixed
  • [Import] Incomplete *.pts import with multiple groups: fixed
  • [Export] VRML export: handle textures and fix issue with transformation decomposition
  • [Product Structure] "Merge By Tree Level" function causing potential crashes on large assemblies: fixed
  • [Viewer] Scene Bounding Box properly updated after occurrences deletion
  • [Viewer] Abnormally long viewer freeze after materials update: fixed
  • [Algorithm] Potential crash with "sawWith..." functions: fixed
  • [Algorithm] "listFeatures" function returning "blindHoles" instead of "throughHoles": fixed

Known issues

  • [Import] SketchUp format: useless intermediary nodes still added at import
  • [Import] Alias format: Layered Materials not supported        
  • [Viewer] Viewport might take some time to refresh/update after a complex process on large/complex models
  • [Algorithm] Convex Hull algorithm slow and uncertain (Experimental)
  • [Tool] The Replace By tool may show instability in some cases (Experimental)
  • [General] Measurement snapping tool not working

Older releases

Find below the links to the Release notes for older PiXYZ STUDIO official releases: