PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.1 version marked a turning-point since its creation.

    The 2019.2 release continues with lots of new features and functionalities, making this great tool more powerful and easy to use than ever.

    Now, CAD Data Preparation workflows get smoother, faster, and more automatable.

    Find below an overview of the new features available in PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.2 !

    Download PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.2 !


PiXYZ STUDIO previous version, the 2019.1, introduced a new concept for Product Structure management. This considerably affects the way to create script with PiXZY STUDIO Python API.
To learn more about this important change and help you get started, please check the following topics:

About 2019.1 New Product Structure: Read how PiXYZ STUDIO benefits from this new Product Structure and what it implies
2019.1 Release Notes and 2019.2 Release Notes: Read the Release notes for PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.1 and 2019.2 releases
API Change Log: Refer to the API Change Log to review in detail the modifications made to functions

If you need more help on how to migrate your old Python scripts to 2019 versions, please contact PiXYZ Support through our Support page, or through your direct PiXYZ Sales contact.
Please note that 2018 and 2019 STUDIO licenses (trial or purchase), will be compatible with both STUDIO 2018 and STUDIO 2019, allowing to use both versions in parallel with the same license.

Isolate a selection

It can be sometimes tedious to navigate through large CAD assemblies (such as cars, trains, buildings...) and focus on specific parts.

Use the new Isolate feature to visualize and process a selection of parts separately from the whole scene!

Merge *.PXZ files

*.PXZ files can now be imported as any other supported format, within the current PiXYZ STUDIO scene.

It can be useful to work on separated *.PXZ scenes and merge them together as one final scene, ready for export.

Create Variants

Create and display variants of the default scene, by saving the scene state regarding occurrences' position, visibility and material assignment.

Undo/Redo History panel

PiXYZ STUDIO now includes an "Undo/Redo History" panel that stacks all actions executed in session, allowing a quick access to a previous step.

Orient From View feature

PiXYZ STUDIO now offers a quick, semi-automatic repair of triangles’ orientation, based on the viewport camera.

It uses the camera's position to properly and automatically orient meshes towards its direction.

Use it step by step around your model until you are satisfied with meshes orientation!

New & improved algorithms

Decimate Target algorithm

PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.2 introduces a new version of the Decimate Target algorithm based on the Quadric error metric method: faster and more efficient!

This algorithm can be used to specify a target polygon count to ensure that a model fits to the performance of a device.

Proxy Mesh Point Cloud algorithm

In Industry/AEC worlds, there is a huge need to convert Point Cloud into manageable meshes.

It is now possible with PiXYZ STUDIO: automatically create a Proxy mesh (tessellated envelop + a diffuse map) from a Point Cloud geometry.

NOTE                To do so, use the Proxy Mesh With Texture function (Menu Optimize Mesh) and the preset Create Proxy Mesh From Point Cloud.

Voxelize Point Cloud algorithm

Point Clouds usually come as one large set of points, hardly manageable.

Use PiXYZ STUDIO to explode a single Point Cloud geometry into several Point Clouds (using a voxelization), making selection, hide/show, transform,... a lot easier.

VRED Import

Autodesk VRED is the leading solution for industrial product visualization.

Now, you can import VRED models within PiXYZ STUDIO, in order to optimize and re-use them in other virtual experiences.

NOTE                Only geometries and equivalent materials are directly imported inside PiXYZ STUDIO' scene for the moment, more information here.

Vertex Color

Vertex Color carry color information for the vertices of a mesh.

In PiXYZ STUDIO 2019.2, now import and export Vertex Color information, from/to FBX and OBJ files.

Also, visualize them in directly in the viewport, using the new Vertex Color Override Material!

Enhanced Script Editor

Find new functionalities in the Scripting Editor to ease the process of writing Python scripts:

  • Search/Replace (Ctrl+F)
  • Tabs management
  • Automatic reload of a script edited outside PiXYZ STUDIO
  • Quick sneak peek at functions' parameters at mouse over in the Script Editor window

And more...

  • Improved CAD precision at import: geometries precision is now calculated based on the original input file units (better fidelity to their scale).
  • Improved Remove Holes algorithm.
  • Improved JT format for Import and Export.
  • Enhanced GUI for the Inspector: information is more easily readable, easier access to occurrence' prototype.