Pixyz Studio can run plugins, to add custom functionalities and behavior.

A plugin is a kind of pre-defined process, that is based on Python scripts and executed through a custom User Interface.

Plugins for Pixyz Studio can be developed by or for you.

There are 2 types of plugins in Pixyz Studio:

  • Published Plugin
  • Unpublished plugin

NOTE                A Pixyz Studio plugin (or scenario) is 100% customizable. Please contact Pixyz if you are interested in the creation of a bespoke scenario, based on your specific Data Preparation process.

Pixyz Batch                These plugins can be used to run scenarios in batch mode, using a Pixyz Batch license.

Published Plugin

A published plugin, is an encapsulated, non-editable plugin that was created by a 3rd party, and ready to be installed and used. It comes as an archive file, with a*.pxzext file extension.

For the moment, a published plugin can be created by Pixyz only, or its partners.

Unpublished Plugin

An unpublished plugin comes as a collection of files (python scripts, XML file, BAT file,...) that define a plugin.

They can be developed directly by the user, following this topic: Creating a Plugin.

Default plugins

Pixyz Studio comes with three default plugins: Generate Proxy, Decimate Target Bake, WizardIO.

These plugins are:

  • Available for demonstration purposes, to show how how a plugin can be made in Pixyz Studio
  • Integrated in Pixyz Studio UI (Menus and Main Toolbar) to be used as regular functions

They are listed in the "Plugins" menu, and the files for these plugins are located here: PixyzStudioInstallationDirectory/bin/plugins/.

WARNING        Do not modify these files as it could modify the plugins' default behavior. If you wish to use one of them as a starting point for your own plugin, simply make a copy of the plugin's folder (see below), and restart Pixyz Studio.

Plugin folder locations

Plugins can be placed in several locations on a computer:

  • PixyzStudioInstallationDirectory/bin/plugins: folder where default plugins are located
  • %appdata%/PixyzStudio/plugins: place a plugin folder here to restrain plugin access to the concerned user (see Creating a Plugin)
  • %programdata%/PixyzStudio/plugins: place a plugin folder here to make it available for any computer user (see Creating a Plugin) - recommended location

At startup, Pixyz Studio loads all the plugins located in these 3 locations.

Related topics

Refer to the following topics for plugin creation and management: