Pixyz Scenario Processor is a 3D Data Preparation engine capable of automatically importing a wide variety of CAD and 3D file formats (design/engineering and gaming types of asset), optimizing them for real-time or CGI rendering/simulation, and exporting them to any standard meshed format.

Why is it necessary?

3D data preparation may be very complex and requires expertise. Ultimately, the goal of automated 3D Data Preparation is to avoid those complex manual processing by creating optimization scenarios that can adapt to any input 3D model structures and any final use cases.

Pixyz Scenario Processor is designed to facilitate this automation, at scale.

What is a typical workflow?

In a classic workflow, a data preparation expert creates repeatable optimization scenarios in Pixyz Studio (as Python scripts) or directly in a Python editor tool, to provide these workflows to groups of end users who simply run these scenarios without the need for specific data preparation knowledge.

3D for all in the company

An example is a design department of a company that will create various optimization scenarios so that the 3D source models generated within this department can be conformed/optimized/delivered for specific usages within other departments (sales/marketing, training/maintenance, VR/AR/Collab review...). 

The IT department could thus set up an intranet service allowing these end-users to self-serve and choose raw 3D design data plus an optimization scenario adapted to the needs of the final application in which the optimized 3D model will be consumed. 

This results in triggering a Pixyz job process which will run on a virtual machine cluster where load-balancing will automatically adapt according to the number of job processes requested in parallel

Check out workflow examples here.

Who uses Pixyz Scenario Processor?

Pixyz Scenario Processor targets CAD experts and 3D experts – with the support of IT specialists – who need to ease and widespread 3D data preparation workflows for various audiences who want to consume optimized 3D assets for real-time experiences.

What is Pixyz Scenario Processor?

Pixyz Scenario Processor is basically a Command Line Interface tool that can import a 3D file, process it according to an optimization/datapreparation scenario and export it as an optimized 3D file (file-to-file).

As in Pixyz Studio, Pixyz Scenario Processor contains a Python runtime environment. At runtime, it executes an optimization scenario which is basically a Python script, or a Python script packaged as a binary file, and passed via the command line.

CLI tool packages
Pixyz Scenario Processor is available in different packages:

  • Standalone Win64
  • Standalone Debian
  • Standalone Docker Debian image

Standalone packages are available for download here.

About Pixyz Scenario Processor for Amazon Web Services

Unity has sunset Pixyz Scenario Processor for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is no longer available to new customers. If you are an existing user and already have a Pixyz on AWS entitlement, you can continue to use Scenario Processor from your AWS tenant. Existing scenarios and plugins that you have published from Pixyz Studio 2022.1 remain compatible with the existing instances of Scenario Processor for AWS.

If you are interested in a cloud-based transformation solution, a consumption-based solution, or a pay-as-you-go solution, contact our Client Partner team for information about Unity Cloud Platform and its services.

The sunsetting of Pixyz Scenario processor on AWS doesn't affect the on-premises packages and the offering of Pixyz Scenario Processor. To purchase these products, contact the Unity Client Partner team.

Optimization scenarios

To run, Pixyz Scenario Processor requires data to process on one hand, and an optimization/datapreparation scenario that is coded in Python on the other hand.

A scenario is the recipe that will be run on a Scenario Processor instance to transform your input 3D data into the best optimized result.

Scenarios can be created specifically to suit your needs, and ready-to-use and sample scenarios are available to help you get started.

More information about scenarios here.

Licensing & pricing model

Pixyz Scenario Processor requires a license to run.

Standalone packages require a floating license coming as Yearly subscription.

More information about pricing and licensing here.

Additional resources

Support FAQ page

To sum-up!