The Materials Menu allows to manage the materials contained in the scene/project: creation, update, clean...

Menu option


Keyboard Shortcut

Material Editor

Opens the Material Editor, containing all materials available in the current project


Texture Editor

Opens the Texture Library, containing all textures available in the current project


Merge Identical Materials

Merges all equivalent materials (i.e. with same visual appearance)

To be merged, materials need to be of the same material type (amongst "Standard", "Color", "PBR" and "UnlitTexture"), and share the same value for each material property, except for the "Name" and the "Id" (which is necessarily different, each entity in Pixyz Studio having a unique ID).

Merge Identical Textures

Merges all equivalent textures (i.e. with identical pixels)

Clean Unused Materials

Removes unused materials in the scene and in the Material Editor

Clean Unused Textures

Removes unused textures in the scene and in the Texture Editor

Make Materials Names Unique

Automatically renames materials with identical names to make each scene material name unique

Replace Material

Used to replace a material by another everywhere it is used in the scene

Remove Materials From Selection

Removes all materials applied to a selection at once

Clear All Materials From Scene

Removes all materials present in the scene and in the Material Editor

Create Materials From Maps

Automatically creates PBR materials, from texture maps exported from texturing solutions like Substance

Resize Textures

Automatically resizes all texture maps applied to a selection of Parts

Get Pixyz Materials Library

Link to access a ready-to-use Material Library made of a variety PBR materials (wood, paint, metal...)