Welcome to Pixyz Loader For Unity 2021.1 online documentation!

Pixyz Loader For Unity 2021.1 lets you import pre-processed 3D/CAD/PC .pxz files into your Unity editor / runtime applications, by script.

NOTE                You will need a Pixyz Studio or a Pixyz Scenario Processor product to convert your original 3D/CAD/PC files into .pxz files, before importing them into Unity.


Why use Pixyz Loader ?

  • When you want to offer your users the capacity to import 3D/CAD/PC data into your runtime application with a C# script.
  • When you want to script 3D/CAD/PC imports in Unity Editor.

Process: how to?

Development stage

  1. Step 1: get a .pxz file. Either you've got already one, or you can use Pixyz Studio to convert manually one of your CAD/3D/Point Cloud to a .pxz file (and take advantage of this step to analyze your scene and check/repair it, if needed).
  2. Step 2: Download the Pixyz Loader, from our Gitlab, and then install the Pixyz Loader pkg into your Unity Editor project (set up guide here)
  3. Step 3: use this code samples
  4. Step 4: once satisfied, build your app, and run your tests in your runtime application

Deployment stage

To scale up:

  1. Deploy a Pixyz Scenario Processor
  2. Install on your Scenario Processor instance a data preparation scenario plugin to transform any file to a .pxz. You can try for example the "convert to .pxz scenario".
  3. From your C# script, in Unity runtime application, launch the scenario execution at each import, on Scenario processor and send the output .pxz file to PXZ loader
  4. And done! You've got now a 3D/CAD/PC import feature for your Unity-based runtime application.


This product is delivered as a pkg for Unity and is FREE to use.  

A license is delivered with the product. As Pixyz format may evolve with future main releases, you may need to update your Pixyz Loader also to guarantee full compatibility between all Pixyz Products.


You can freely embed, the Pixyz Loader, provided you respect the General terms and conditions here, that are the same for all Pixyz products.

Your end-users won't need to do any specific enrolling towards the Unity or Pixyz website to use the functionality in your product.

Known issues

  • Animations contained in .pxz files  are not imported in Unity when Pixyz Loader is used.